GloLite by PartyLite Tropical Waters Candle Review

GloLite by PartyLiteSam posted her PartyLite candle review here ages ago and me… what have I been doing?

Not writing. Not reviewing. Burning candles and generally trying to sort out that thing called life. Still not sorted that last bit but can’t have everything right, right?

So the PartyLite candle… you all know by now that I love Vanilla and mix in some Coconut and I am yours. True story.

Now the smell is gorgeous and exactly what you would expect from Tropical Water but the candle is supposed to be a GloLite candle and it didn’t exactly glow differently to any other candle I’ve ever had. I wasn’t bothered as the smell is gorgeous! I did get a few black wick bits in the wax, I scooped out the big bits but there are a few little stubborn ones. They aren’t noticeable until you need to take a photo! The wicks got chopped down after this photo, making this candle last and last.

GloLite by PartyLite Review

It has lasted ages. I mean ages. It also scents the room slightly even when it’s not lit.

I have to be honest I hadn’t heard much about PartyLite so I am very much a newbie to the catalogue idea but Shirley who sent us these candles to review was so helpful. If you’re looking for a PartyLite consultant or are interested in becoming one, I would definitely talk to Shirley, she knows her stuff. You can find her on Facebook, HERE or follow her on Twitter @DiamDelights.

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