Milk&Cookie Candle Company MASSIVE Tarts Review

When I got my order (see here) from The Milk&Cookie Candle Company, I saw that Trish had lovingly popped in a few extra goodies for me, made me so happy. She gave me four MASSIVE soy tarts…


Cucumber&Aloe – I know y’all know I don’t like banana or lavender but one other scent (and food) I hate is cucumber, so I sorta panicked when I saw that Trish had sent me a Cucumber&Aloe scented tart, but honestly it was fabulous! The aloe really changed the scent and it made me feel like I was in a spa. It was light and refreshing and very uplifting. Highly recommend this scent.

Cinnamon Red Hots – I love cinnamon and I just adored this melt, it lasted days and days, I think maybe because cinnamon is just naturally a strong scent, but probably because it was so well made.

Luscious Lemon Poundcake – This was one of the first scents I ever tried from the M&C and I remember loving it but I genuinely forgot how delicious it smelled till I got it again. Tart lemon, sweet vanilla and buttery cakey yumminess, it’s heavenly.

Waffle Cone – Sooooo delicious, sweet and yummy! Smells like a classic cookie wafer made with creamy butter and vanilla swirled through it.

My bad for not taking pics as they were melting, but trust me they were all amazing and well made. Milk&Cookies candles have an unbelievable scent throw and they never cease to amaze me with all the unique scents and fabulous products.

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