PartyLite Brighter World Ylang Ylang & Blackcurrant Candle Review

I’ve heard of PartyLite many times but had never tried their products before, so I was over the moon when a lovely PartyLite consultant named Shirley, contacted us about reviewing some products. I had so many questions for her about PartyLite and their products and she was amazing and answered all of them.

One thing Shirley mentioned to me was that PartyLite are the cleanest burning candles like ever. Now, I’ve heard that before, I’ve heard so many people tell me about certain candles being smoke free and then it turns out to not be true. So then I sorta always assumed with most candles comes a certain amount of smoke, well let me tell you, I’ve been burning my new PartyLite candle for days and days, I’ve even forgotten to trim the wick a couple of times and there ain’t been one little bit of blackness on the glass, I’m AMAZED.

Shirley sent me a new Brighter World Ylang Ylang & Blackcurrant Candle, it’s such a lovely scent, so fruity, sweet and sensual. It had two wicks too, and y’all know I love me a two wick candle! I can’t honestly fault my new PartyLite candle, it’s been burning perfectly, has an unbelievable throw and even though it’s almost gone it’s still as strongly scented as when I first started burning it.


I’d highly recommend PartyLite candles and Shirley even sent me some new catalogues, I’m already obsessed and want EVERYTHING. I think I’ll treat myself soon to some of their wax melts, I love me some long lasting melts. 

Have you tried PartyLite products before? Let us know what you thought and what products and scents you’d recommend.

If you’re looking for a PartyLite consultant or are interested in becoming one, I would definitely say talk to Shirley, she knows her stuff. You can find her on Facebook, HERE or follow her on Twitter @DiamDelights.

2 thoughts on “PartyLite Brighter World Ylang Ylang & Blackcurrant Candle Review

  1. Thank you for your kind review, Partylite Products speak for themselves so I was 100% confident of you falling in love with Partylite, like you I’m a candle addict and I am so glad our paths have met! This weekend Partylite are donating €1 to Earthhour on all of these candle purchased. Have an Awesome weekend Sam, you’ve made mines amazing xxxxx

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