Melting Moments Scoopable Wax Review

A little while back I got a bizarre scent craving, you fellow candle lovers will know what I mean, I wanted a rhubarb and custard scented candle or at least for my home to smell like rhubarb and custard; like those yummy retro sweets. Luckily the universe heard me, or well Mel from Melting Moments did and made my wax junkie dream come true!

Mel scent me some AMAZING Rhubarb&Custard scented scoop-able wax! I’ve been absolutely dying to try scoop-able wax and I am very impressed with Melting Moment’s scoop-able wax. 

I once again terrified my postman when he knocked at my door with my goodies, it was super early and I was extremely giddy and excited. I grabbed the pretty pink polka-dot package off him, signed the thingymabob and closed the door. I could already smell the yumminess and I hadn’t even opened anything yet.

Rhubarb & Custard: A blend of sharp fresh rhubarb with rich sweet custard, smells just like those fabulous sweets.

I couldn’t wait and quickly cleaned out my warmer. The scoop-able wax comes with a cute little wooden spoon and in a cute little tub jammers with lovely wax. It’s soft and super simple to use, you just scoop out as much or as little as you want, I used about two scoops in my large warmer.
The wax has a great throw, smells divine and the two scoops have been going strong in my warmer for almost three days straight now!
I’m so impressed and totally craving rhubarb and custard sweets now.  


Melting Moments have so many products and scents to choose from and some of the cutest oil burners ever, check them out on Facebook, HERE and follow on Twitter @Melting_Moments

Stay tuned for another Melting Moments review…

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  1. I love Melting Moments stuff!!! Always smells amazing and by far the strongest scent throw of any waxy products I’ve ever tried – If you haven’t tried Melting Moments, I genuinely and strongly recommend them 🙂

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