Lily-Flame’s Powder Puff Candle Review

One of the problems that Sam and I have stated many times about being a candle Lily-Flame's Powder Puff Candle Reviewaddict is that you can have too many candles…

Woah! What nonsense is this? Absolute nonsense is what it is. I got loads of candles over Christmas and I have barely really sniffed each one that I got. I think I need more hours in the day purely for candle burning time!

I got two more of the lovely Lily-Flame candles for Christmas, I got Powder Puff and Daisy Dips (review to come soon). You will have seen my previous Lily-Flame reviews to know that I am converted. I previously reviewed Just Vanilla and Vanilla & Honey. Loved both of those.

Lily-Flame's Powder Puff Candle Review 2I should add that no one has bought me the Fairy Dust or Blush tins which I know are their best sellers so I guess I will have to purchase them myself!

Anyway enough of being selfish. 😉

Powder Puff – And Fluffy Stuff. Light, soft and talcy. Super Girly. Some might say a little camp. The labeling even has metallic pink graphics on sparkly white paper.

I’m not one for girly scents I’ll admit and I am also not the greatest lover of pink. This candle is probably most suited to Sam if I’m honest BUT I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for baths and when you need a little time to relax.

I’d advise to keep the wick fairly long on these but regularly trim them to get rid of that horrible black bit that can fall into the wax and make you want to cry!

You can have a browse through the Lily-Flame range on their website, HERE and you can tweet them @Lily_Flame and follow them on Facebook HERE.

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