New Spring 2014 Yankee Candle Review

I’ve been going through serious candle withdrawal recently, not by choice, so I was so happy when my guy surprised me with a massive candle haul; for someone who got so confused picking the scents he did an amazing job.

He got me two large jars in Pink Dragonfruit “because it was pink” and Soft Blanket “because it smelled really familiar” (he’s right Soft Blanket is my go to de-stressing scent so I always have a few votives or tarts lying around just in case). Dear Yankee Candle, if you ever discontinue it, I will cry and be forever stressed out.

He also got me five tarts and five votives in each of the new Spring 2014 scents, he said the lady in the shop pointed out the new scents section to him, probably cause he looked so confused, my poor boo.

So anyway I thought I’d do a quick little review on each of the new scents…

Pink HibiscusBright and beautiful … the effervescent, slightly citrus bouquet of delicate tropical hibiscus petals is always inviting.

I loved the colour of this candle, but sadly it was a bit too floral and perfume-y for my liking and gave me a headache. I think it was the strongest scent out of the new range, and not necessarily in a good way.

Champaca Blossom The rare beauty and joyful spirit of enchanting champaca blossoms come to life in this captivating fruity floral nectar.

I was unsure about this scent at first but once I had a wax tart melting, I liked it. It was very floral but I could smell hints of citrus and vanilla which complimented the floral scent so well.

Lovely KikuThe flower of happiness… the elegant, rejuvenating perfume of chrysanthemum blossom and warm vanilla.

Another quite floral scent but the vanilla in it really does something to it, it’s quite a unique and relaxing scent.

Under The Palms Like cool, refreshing shade…a lush, green scent of sea grass, palm leaves, and island coconut.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent, it’s my favourite out of the Spring range. The creamy sweet coconut in it is so yummy and I’m definitely going to buy this one, maybe even treat myself to a large jar.

Midnight OasisAcross quiet sands, a midnight breeze mixes with island citrus and warm sandalwood.

I’m a bit unsure about this scent, I haven’t tried it yet but it sort of smells masculine, and generally I love manly scents but there’s something in it that I’m not feeling, I think it may be the sandalwood. I’ll let you know when I try it out.
I do love the colour of it, very fabulous!

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