Warming & Comforting Scents

Don’t know bout all y’all but we think some warming and comforting scents would be great cause it is getting mighty cold out there! Lots of blankets, tea and candles would just be heavenly. Here are some of our favourite candles that would be perfect for this time of year…

Spiced Apple CompoteThink cozy nights in front of the fire, snuggled up with hot chocolates and warm puddings.
Cozy CashmereWrap yourself in the warm scent of fresh florals, sensual musk, and soothing vanilla. 
FiresideWarm up to the cozy allure of a fireside glow with hints of crackling woods and amber.
Nordic HearthAromatic Winter by the fire. Get cozy love this winter with Nordic Hearth.
Apples and Maple BourbonA fall favorite that is a twist on the traditional apple fragrance. I start with fresh apples and blend in a touch of vanilla, maple and a punch of smooth bourbon.

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