Reviewed: Yankee Candle’s Merry Marshmallow

With Christmas fast approaching it was time to sample the Christmas Yankee scents and the first that I grabbed from my selection was Merry Marshmallow.

On the Yankee Candle website it is described as a ‘creamy soft concoction of marshmallow and vanilla’. Yummy! I really loved Fireside Treats so I thought this one would be a winner too. I was soooo right!

It is a lot sweeter than Fireside Treats but it just smells like marshmallow gooeyness. Is that a smell? Well it is the best way I can describe it.

So I have now bought more of these. Next on my list is Sam’s favourite… Sugared Apple. I just want to check that it’s not changed scent in a year. That’s perfectly acceptable isn’t it? I thought so.

Which of the Christmas Yankee scents are you currently loving? Let us know below.

Also a little tip with buying Yankee Candles, if you have a Clinton Cards in one of the outlet parks they normally have them at half price. You will find that the larger jars might not be available but you can still get the deal on the others. But they might not have the Christmas scents but I did get a small Fireside Treats and a Medium Jar of Garden Sweet Pea for Christmas gifts. Let us know where you find your bargain candles (not just Yankee candles)

I’ll be back soon with more of my Christmas reviews. They are not all Yankee Candles… 😉

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