Colonial Candle Coconut Rain Air Freshener Review

Colonial Candle Air FreshenerSam gave me this ages ago… it was sat in my candle box for months before I had a proper root in that box and was like “what are you doing in here?” The packet then sat on the table by the front door ready to go into my car the next time I went out. Yeah. That didn’t happen. Anyway a week or so passed and I have been so happy with our new home, we’ve been living here for two years now but it still feels so new. I like that feeling. I obviously have worked on different ways of fragrancing our house, it is mainly open plan so it can prove difficult.

But the room I struggled most with was the family bathroom. I hate overpowering scents but I wanted something that had enough smell but I didn’t want the boys to hate it. That is quite a task, believe me! I had tried many pot pourri efforts (and is it just me or do they not smell for long any more?) and also I had lit some candles before we had visitors to make it smell lovely. But I wanted something a bit more everyday and something I didn’t need to tend to. So I grabbed the air freshener from the table downstairs and hung it over the window handle. It was a complete guess as to whether this would work, it did!

The freshener lasted at full strength for about four weeks and then I noticed the smell faded off a bit so I bought new ones. I noticed there was still a fair bit of scent left on it and have put it in one of my clothes drawers. Recycle and all that good stuff.

I’ve now got various Yankee Candle ones as they were on sale in my local garden centre so they will be used over the next few months and of course reviewed here, you lucky things!

Coconut Rain is a mix of coconut, pineapple, citrus and vanilla. YUM! It’s not too overpowering and the scents really complement each other.

I have ordered a few of the candles for Christmas gifts and I might will keep one for myself.

I think the air fresheners will work in any room in your house (depending on the size of your room.) Now I just need to get one for my car…

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