Beanpod Macintosh Apple Candle Review

We’re so happy to announce that we’ve teamed up Scented Candle Shop to bring you lots of new reviews and awesome products to feed your candle addiction. With over 4,000 products Scented Candle Shop is a great place to feed your wax addiction and also a perfect place to find gifts for friends and loved ones.
They stock everything you need to get the aromas you want in your home and from all your favourite brands too. Their range of scented candles is probably the biggest in the candle world, I got lost on the site and my candle wish list is now quite literally a mile long. Check them out, and you can thank me later.

My first review for Scented Candle Shop is for a Beanpod Macintosh Apple Votive. I’ve never tried Beanpod candles before so was very excited about this one.

Beanpod Candles are pure soy candles that are made with 100% sustainable soy wax, creating purer scents, incredible long burning times and beautiful candles for any occasion. Beanpod Votive Candles are made with a lead-free wick and with the patent-pending Tempacure™ process that provides rich fragrances and colours that last from first light to final flame.

I chose Macintosh Apple because I’ve an apple scent addiction and was jonesing for some more appleness.

“Discover the ultimate apple fragrance with this Beanpod Macintosh Apple Scented Votive. This candle captures the amazing scent of ripe Macintosh apples, fresh and crisp with a lovely early autumn edge.”
I know I can speak for Sarah too when I say we LOVE votive candles, I think this a girl math type

thing; we can have more candles for less money that even applies when we spend hundreds on votives. It’s also a patience thing because we can’t wait to burn our next candle. I’ll definitely be buying Beanpod votives in the future, my little votive had a mighty powerful throw! I loved the scent, it was like a crisp fresh apple with a hint of spice, not overly sweet either, was very lovely. 

With all votive candle you HAVE to burn them in a votive holder or you will waste so much yummy wax. I did that and my candle burned perfectly and I trimmed the wick a few times and got way more than 15 hours out of it.
No complaints or anything about Beanpod votives; highly recommended, I’m a happy bunny.
Scented Candle Shop have a few different scents in the Beanpod votives and they’re all on sale now with up to 45% off – BARGAIN!

I’m absolutely dying to try Beanpod tealightsBelgian Waffles, Cheesecake and Oatmeal Cookies?! YES PLEASE!

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