Rituals Jasmine Dream Candle

I was recently visiting my parents and the first thing I spotted when I walked into their living room was this really glamorous looking candle…“I’ll take this thank you very much!” Lucky for me I have the sweetest Mom in the world and she was quite happy for me to “borrow” it.

Rituals Jasmine Dream Candle: “A relaxing scented candle that combines the relaxing and harmonising power of Jasmine blossoms with the calming properties of Ylang Ylang, the ‘flower of flowers’.”

I’m generally not too crazy about “relaxing” scented candles, I think maybe it’s because I associate them with lavender scents; either that or it’s because I’m nuts and never want to relax, but I really liked this candle. It had a lovely sweet and comforting scent.

What I loved most about this candle is the mirrored lining of the holder and the way it reflected the flame. I’m going to clean out the holder and use it for large tealights.

According to the Rituals site their candles burn for about 50 hours, and I would say that with me burning it properly (wick trimming and all that jazz) that I easily got more than 50 hours out of it.

I would definitely recommend a Rituals candle, I’d love to try their Sweet Sunrise candle, which sounds divine. We’re also always on the look out for reed diffusers that actually work, I wonder if their Lotus Secret fragrance sticks work and are as fab as they look and sound…

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