Lily-Flame’s Vanilla & Honey Candle Review

My love of Lily-Flame candles continues (see my previous review HERE) and also I am a Lily-Flame's Vanilla & Honey Candle Reviewbig Bee fan and therefore honey so this was always going to be bought. Also because it’s vanilla but you know I am vanilla obsessed already so I will shut up. 😉

This had a more denser smell than just the vanilla on it’s own. I thought it started off very sweet but then as I got through more of the tin it became more of the two scents combined. The vanilla seemed to take a long time to come through. But I would definitely buy another tin of this scent and the Just Vanilla one too.

You can have a browse through the Lily-Flame range on their website, HERE and you can tweet them @Lily_Flame and follow on Facebook, HERE.

I am still looking for suggestions for other Lily-Flame scents that you like? Let me know in a comment below. Thank you! x

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