Time to splurge at Boujies London

We all love a bit of a splurge don’t we?

So have you heard of Boujies London? Well I hadn’t either and now I’m more than a little intrigued. Here are a couple (ok more than a couple) of purchases on my wishlist.

This Peony and Grapefruit candles is part of their Maison Vive range and they are all £12. I chose this one as the scent choice sounds amazing and also this would satisfy both mine and Sam’s colour needs of purple and pink!
Other notable scents are black pepper (v. intriguing) and Jasmine and Lily. Still so much choice! Cute holders too. 
The Maison Noir collection will amaze you even more. Yes – really!
There is Earl Grey, Black Ginger and one that really intrigues me is Vintage Amber. These ones are more expensive at £36 each. I think Sam and I will remember these for our Christmas wishlist ideas 😉
Actually maybe this one should go on our wishlists. The Gold Pomander candle is described on the website as ‘This indulgent fragrance is bathed in sweet orange top notes punctuated by a base of cinnamon, clove and fine spices’

Makes me go oooh! Also this beauty is £90. Probably not going to have much luck on the wishlist front with this one… but isn’t it pretty. It’s the gold isn’t it? Makes you want to have it. NOW!
To see more from Boujies London see their website, follow on twitter and also on facebook.

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