bee fayre – It’s all about the bees

Do you want to know a random fact? I love bees. Yup. Bees.

I even have my own beehive. Ok, it’s a community beehive as we’ve only just really moved house and our garden isn’t yet suitable for a hive of my own just yet. It will be one day. For now I have a community hive and I absolutely love it. I visit about two-three times a week and I’ve started to get the kids involved with making sure they are looking after bees too. My youngest (only 16 months old) thinks bees are pretty in books so that’s a start 😉


I came across bee fayre and they have a wonderful candle and diffusers collection. They also have bath and body products and I’ll definitely be trying out some of their body butters. The main thing I love about these products apart from using beeswax in their candles is their packaging. I am a sucker for gorgeous packaging and these have me hook, line and sinker!

So, the products;

Geranium, Lavender and Ylang Ylang… I feel relaxed already! But look at the beautiful packaging and the honey bee on the pot. Cute! Plus it’s purple, my favourite.
As Sam loves pink I am sure she would love this one. Plus what’s not to love about buddleia?
This just looks so summery and I love that shade of yellow. Pretty sure it will smell amazing too!
There’s a bee on the diffuser jars too – definitely need these!
They also sell cards with ‘seeds for bees’. A blank card including a 3g packet of Native Wildflower seed mix to encourage bees into your garden. Awesome!
You can find out more about bee fayre on their website, follow on twitter and follow on facebook

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