Wild Berry Incense Review

Well this is only kind of a review.

I can’t believe I’ve never really wrote about incense before, it’s something I buy quite a bit of, especially Wild Berry Incense. Whenever I see one of their like pick and mix stands in a store, I always buy a bunch of incense sticks, they’re usually like 8 or 10 for a couple euro.

So anyway I bought a bunch of sticks recently and oh my they’re so good!

Cherry – A true cherry fragrance.  This is really tart and fruity, I loved it.

Coconut – A true coconut fragrance.  So coconutty it makes me want a cocktail!

Fantasia – A spicy blend with hints of vanilla and musk.  This is such a lovely dreamy scent.
Peace of Mind – A fruity floral blend with peach and vanilla.  Love this, it’s so fruity and fresh. Peach and vanilla is an amazing combination; take note candle making folks.

Nirvana – An earthy, sweet perfume with opium and vanilla.  This is my favourite Wild Berry scent, I bought a couple of these, I usually do, it make me feel like a hippy!

Raspberry Rose – A fruity, floral fragrance.  Love raspberry, hate rose, this is all raspberry which to me is a great thing.

If you haven’t tried Wild Berry stuff before you so should. I just found out that they do candles as well so I’ll be on the look out for some.

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