Reviewed: Fresh Cut Grass by The Little Candle Company

The lovely people from Bill & Betty sent me another candle, a Fresh Cut Grass scented candle by The Little Candle Company.
Sam laughed at me (yes, she actually laughed at me!) when I said that when I had this lit when it was snowing it kinda freaked me out. It made me want to go out in the spring sunshine, not open the door to a snow blizzard! Brrrr.
Now the weather is improving (although we still had a snow shower this week!) and this is perfect. As the description says it is uplifting and does make me feel happy. It’s a total reminder of spring and a definite mood enhancer. 
There are plenty of other scents in this range of tins and they are priced at the very good price of £4 (at time of writing). 
Also take a look through the Bill & Betty website. Plenty more goodies to find there also. 

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