Coco_Boho Review: Bedtime Bliss Room Spray

You will have seen my other reviews from coco_boho here and now here is something totally


As a Mum I find sleep can be pretty difficult to get, even when I am absolutely cream crackered it doesn’t always happen. Finding this Bedtime Bliss spray in the package from coco_boho was just awesome.

There is nothing better than clean linen on your bed and then nothing better than getting into bed that night. Anyone else feel that it makes their bed feel like new again? So comfy. The best nights sleep I find are with fresh sheets, toddler wake ups dependent. :-/

I found the smell was very relaxing and really did aid my sleep. I also used it around the house when changing the linen in other rooms. But I’m going to keep it in my room as I think I need it more than everyone else… well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Bedtime Bliss is the perfect name for it. Perfect name!

But look how many other fragrances there are… how do you choose? 

We’re now addicted to coco_boho and so should you be!

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