Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties Review

While on a visit to England, I went out shopping and was immediately drawn to a store called Aroma (yeah you’re totally not surprised right?!) It had lots of my favourite goodies like Yankee Candle and Bomb Cosmetics and even better they were having a 20% off everything sale, whoop whoop!

As I couldn’t fit the ten million candles and bath bombs (oh and the chocolate cake soap slice thingy!) that I wanted into my bag for the flight home I opted to try out Bomb’s Little Hotties Wax Melts. The display was awesome, like a wax pick n mix, and you could get a little box jammers with lots of melts for £6.99 (minus 20%)…I was very excited.
Now there was a few empty sections in the display and of some really amazing sounding scents, but sure what can you do.


I opted for a lot of food inspired scents like, Biscuit, Chocolate Orange, Gingerbread and Morning Coffee and a bunch of other fab scents too.
All the scents were quite strong in the store so I was eager to get them into my burner back at home.
When I did eventually try a lot of them out, I was really disappointed.

I started with two Biscuit scented melts…no smell whatsoever.
Then three Chocolate Orange melts going at once….still no smell, and then the same with four Morning Coffee melts.
I tried mixing a couple of the fruity scents together and still got nothing except for maybe the scent of wax.


I had such high hopes for these and was completely let down.
I generally love Bomb Cosmetics, their bath bombs are insane and would love to eventually try their candles, but I won’t be buying the melts ever again and wouldn’t recommend them. I loved the pick n mix idea, the shapes and colours and the variety of scents but they just didn’t work.

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  1. Seriously? You didn’t smell a thing? I bought mine today and so far I am very impressed. I have tried a couple of mixes and my whole house smells gorgeous. I definitely recommend them.

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