Strawberries & Cream ChiCandle Review

ChiCandle, another amazing candle company that I’m positively smitten with.
Their candles are paraffin-free, dye-free and lead-free, they are made from all-natural soy wax/bees wax blend and they come in pretty glass tumblers and cute tins.
They now have soy tart melts too; oooh we love tarts, you know you love them too, they’re little chunks of awesomeness.

Cinnamon Buns Candle, Apple Jack & Peel Travel Candle Tin and Soy Tarts.

A little while back I reviewed their stunning French Vanilla and Amber candle and I was over the moon when they sent me another candle just to say thank you; so sweet right?!

But seriously I just had to tell you guys about this candle…it was Strawberries & Cream scented and mmmm so yummy. 


My whole apartment smelled like sweet strawberries with a hint of a creamy sort of vanilla cakey scent. I burned it practically non stop until it was gone, it was such an amazing scent. I could actually smell the candle the minute I had the box in my hands. I went “oooooooh strawberries!” to my poor postman, who puts up with far too much excitement too early in the morning.

My candle had a gorgeous and continuous scent and no smokiness. Plus it burned perfectly, and for a candle nut like myself that’s a big thing.

So if you want candles that are all natural, burn the way a candle should, look good, smell amazing and come with great customer care, then check out ChiCandle, you’ll totally be hooked. Be sure to show them some love on Facebook HERE and you can follow them on Twitter @ChiCandle

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