Coco_Boho Mojito Cocktail Party Candle Review

Another of my coco_boho reviews and this time it’s a proper cocktail favourite of mine. Who says no to a Mojito?
Not me. That’s for sure.


These cocktail party tins come in Mojito, Midori, Pina Colada and Sex on the Beach. The scent isn’t very strong which is I think a good thing as it sort of floats about the room and doesn’t overpower you too much. The smell is fruity enough to trick my mind into thinking I’m enjoying a Mojito but not too fruity to really make me want to eat everything in sight. Does anyone else get munchies when they smell something sweet?

This candle would be perfect for lazy evenings in the garden with a real Mojito.

At the moment when my friends come round to look through my candle stash, this is the first one that they all go to! Although I think that might say more about the company I keep. 😉

Really love this candle and with another candle yet to be reviewed it’s all glowing for coco_boho. I’ve also got a room spray to review, very exciting!

Here is a list of their fragrances.

You can read my first review from coco_boho here.

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