Colonial Candle Simmer Snap Review

You know how much I love Colonial Candle right? Actually it’s pretty borderline obsession because I was recently asked where my dream holiday destination was and I replied “Charleston, South Carolina. Because that’s where Colonial Candles are!” Totally serious about that too. Betcha everyone in the flagship store would be all like “here comes the crazy candle lady!” LOL

Soooo anyway, yeah I totally love them and was over the moon when I got sent some simmer snaps to review; you could practically hear me smiling.

Clementine CupcakeA yummy citrus treat of rich cake batter and clementine slices, topped off with a dollop of sweet frosting. (So freakin yummy!)
Daffodils&Daisies A bright and cheerful blend of airy greens, citrus and blooming jasmine.
Leeward Lagoon A serene and tropical mixture of water lily, flowering tonka and pink grapefruit with a splash of coconut water.
Lemongrass&Cilantro A refreshing scent of lemon, mixed with armoise and sparkling bergamot.
Water Lily – A simple delight of dew-covered greens, fresh jasmine and soft cedar.

There was lots of “oooohs” and “mmmmms” as I smelled all of them but within minutes I had Water Lily in my warmer and then seconds later (no exaggeration) you could practically smell it everywhere.

I loved the scent, well I loved all the scents and couldn’t wait to try each one, but I actually started getting impatient because they lasted so long. I even tweeted about it…

I was dying to try more scents, I actually ended up pouring the Water Lily wax back into the pack (for use at another time) at the end of the third day just so I could try a different scent.

The one thing I loved most about the simmer snaps, now only a true wax junkie will appreciate this, was the tiny little hole on the lid.

I’ve never seen anything like that on other wax melts, pretty sure it’s so you can smell the scents without having to open the lid, but it’s just that attention to detail that makes me love Colonial Candle; it’s the little things…

A bigillion out of ten for Colonial Candle Simmer Snaps, the scents are unreal and they last soooo long!

So apart from all the scents mentioned above, which were all amazing. I thought I’d give you a list of a few scents that Colonial do that we haven”t featured but that you should try, be warned though the description could make you very hungry…

Wild Iris Fruity floral tones of lush berries, sweet plum, fresh melon, and watery greens. 
Berry Sorbet A sweet medley of energizing berries and grape with a touch of deep rich port. 
Apple Orchard Enjoy the classic scent of sweet, crisp apples in the fresh outdoors. 
Coconut Rain A creamy coconut blended with sweet pineapple, citrus, and vanilla. 
Maple Butterscotch A rich and delightfully scrumptious combination of warm cinnamon, soft maple, caramelized brandy, and sweet undertones of smooth English toffee.

Yeah, don’t worry we’re drooling too.

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