Why You Need Yankee Candle on Valentine’s Day

We like Yankee Candle here at V&L and we find that a lot of their scents are comforting, they evoke memories and create new ones and just make you feel good.
Their harmonious blend of ingredients stir up the senses and can create a romantic atmosphere perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should have Yankee Candle this Valentine’s Day

Top Notes… Remember the very first time you met the love of your life? The initial rush of excitement and first impressions are exactly the same as a Top Note.
Typically citrus, fresh, light, sparkling and clean the ‘Top Notes’ create the first point of a fragrance experience.
This fragrance, like any good memory is likely to stay with you reminding you of exactly how you felt at the time.

Middle Notes… There is nothing better than getting to know someone and the more you find out, the more you like.
Often described as ‘the heart’, Middle Notes are made up of spicy, floral and woody fragrances, giving body to the candle scent as well as freshness and a sense of stability.
Just like a relationship, Middle Notes evolve over time becoming even more lovable.

Base Notes… Familiarity creates a strong bond between you and your partner.
Base Notes are long lasting, strong and tenacious, just like a couple who know each other inside out.
Base Notes are often made up of spices, vanilla and musk, creating a foundation defining the fragrance with the scent gradually becoming stronger as it burns.

So lets make this Valentine’s Day special and create memories that will last forever.

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