Torc Watermelon Candle Review

As well as banana and lavender one other scent that I usually stay clear of is watermelon. I’m not a fan of anything watermelon; this is probably from a childhood issue. I grew up in Canada and like any time there was a party, family event or basically all Spring/Summer long there was always watermelon and sometimes that’s all people would have. I hated the smell, the taste and oh gawd the texture, bluhhh! I still remember it so well. I now avoid anything melon-y.

A while back I was in my local pharmacy and they sell small gifts and stuff too and while I was waiting in line I spotted a candle nearby. I grabbed the pretty red polka dot tin and immediately lifted the lid to smell it. “Ooooooooh” – my usual reaction to nice smelling candles… “this is fab!” I thought.

I turned it around to read the label…“WATERMELON! WTF?!” I was shocked because it smelled so good, not like anything melon-y.
Would I buy it or wouldn’t I?
Oh you know I did. (It was about €8.)

When I got home I debated lighting it or not, I was worried that the watermelon would be really watermelon-y once it had burned for a while. I was wrong.

It was a lovely candle, burned perfectly, wasn’t too smokey and you could pretty much smell it everywhere. I was quite pleased with it.

8/10 I deducted one mark for the smokiness and one because even though it says 35 hours burning time, it didn’t burn for that long.

I’ll definitely be looking out for more Torc candles, you should too.

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