French Vanilla and Amber ChiCandle Review

We’ve been going for quite a while now and the one thing that still amazes me is all the fabulous candle companies out there, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said we probably stumble on a new one everyday. Not that I’m at all complaining, in fact it makes me so happy to know that there are so many other candle enthusiasts out there.

When ChiCandlle contacted us about reviewing one of their all natural soy candles, I was all like “ehhh yes please!” After looking at their site I was drooling at all the amazing scents they had; Vanilla Hazlenut, Strawberries&Cream, Cinnamon Buns and Apple Jack&Peel (ooh that reminds me, I must tell you about my current apple candle obsession) and so many more.

ChiCandles are paraffin-free, dye-free and lead-free, they are made from all-natural soy wax/bees wax blend and they come in pretty glass tumblers. I was so busy that I completely forgot that there was a candle on the way to me, so when the postman knocked at my door early one morning with a pretty little brown box I actually squeeled with excitement. The candle was so well packaged which always impresses me, it’s the little things really. When I opened it I could immediately smell the candle.


ChiCandle sent me a French Vanilla&Amber scented candle and I just loved it, I honestly could not find one single fault with the candle; it had a strong but not overpowering continuous scent, a great burn and no smokiness. I often worry about purchasing soy wax candles, because sometimes the wax is too soft and so a hole just burns straight down the centre, but ChiCandle have mastered their soy and bees wax blend because the candle burned perfectly with no excess wax leftover.

They say certain scents evoke memories and feelings and this one certainly made me a happy girl. It reminded me of my Nana (she was my most favourite person in the world), it was similar to her perfume so I found it really comforting and for that and all the other reasons I give my candle a million and one out of ten!

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