Scents On The Go

I’m probably not the only one, but I’m not a big fan of travelling especially if I have to stay in a strange place.
I love going away but if I can get all I want to get done in the least amount of time possible the happier I’ll be, the main reason is that I just don’t sleep when I’m not in my own bed. Even when I go to visit relatives I just lay awake in bed all night. So when I do HAVE to go anywhere I try to make wherever I am feel like home, by doing things like bringing my own pillows, some nice pjs and often bringing candles or room sprays with me in my favourite scents, they’re small simple things but they work.

So I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite travel candles and things, so you can have that home away from home wherever you may be.

Max Benjamin Travel Set – Three miniature candles in Max Benjamin’s top three scents; Lemongrass&Ginger, White Pomegranate and Dodici. Each candle burns for about 17 hours and they’re all designed to de-tress, relax and calm the mind.

Colonial Candle Travel Tins – These small and cute travel tins come in lots of different scents and are perfect for on the go. Each candle burns for up to 15 hours.

Simply Vanilla and Wild Iris

Scentsy Travel Tins – Handy and convenient just open you’re travel tin for a unique Scentsy fragrance; the more you open it the more fragrance you get. Available in 37 scents.

Yankee Candle Travel Sprays and Tins – Small in size but big in scent, these Yankee Candle travel treats are convenient and perfect for wherever you’re staying whether that be in a tent or in a hotel room. They also help neutralize unpleasant odours. Both tins and sprays come in lots of our favourite Yankee Candle scents.The sprays are perfect to spray on your pillows, for sweet smelling dreams.

Cowshed Travel Candles – These sets of travel candles are so pretty, they come in six different scents and each candle burns for about 10 hours, helping create a relaxing and comforting environment wherever you go.

Lazy Cow and Grumpy Cow

Let’s hope 2013 brings us to some very special places and if so I’ll more than likely bring one of everything!

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