Pillsbury Vanilla Sugar Cookie Scented Candle

Yeah you read right, Pillsbury does candles, who’d have thunk it?!

I picked up this candle in a quirky little shop that quite literally sells EVERYTHING and it was only €5!

For what I paid I expected the worse; in fact I’ve paid lots more for candles before and have been let down, I really just bought this large candle because it was cheap and for atmospheric purposes; but actually I was quite impressed with it.

The candle had a lovely buttery cakey vanilla scent and even though it wasn’t a strongly scented candle you could still smell it quite well when it was burning.

It burnt really well, wasn’t really smokey or anything; I got a few days out of it and that was with it pretty much burning all the time, remember to keep trimming the wick to get longer out of it.

My only fault with it was that I couldn’t fit my tiny hand in the jar to re-light it when it got towards the end, and I think a raccoon stole my clicky lighter….

If you see one and it’s only about €5 get it, get two or three if you can. It was a perfect everyday candle to burn, or one to use when you’re saving all your fancy candles for a special occasion.

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