Colonial Cocktails

Colonial Candle the amazing candle gods that they are have introduced their exclusive Colonial Cocktails Collection.

 We were sold at “cocktails”…

“Imagine sitting poolside with a strawberry daiquiri or piña colada in the middle of the workday. Or hanging out with friends in a trendy local hot spot with a pint of your favorite ale or a cool gin and tonic. Now you can turn any hour into happy hour with Colonial Candle’s exclusive new Colonial Cocktails collection of fragrant candles.” 

Strawberry Daiquiri: Lounge poolside with a refreshing blend of fresh crushed strawberries and lemon zest with a thin layer of creamy vanilla. 

Piña Colada: Relax in your favorite sunny spot with a delightful blend of sweet pineapple juice, Malibu rum and coconut cream. 

Amber Ale: Grab a brew in a local pub with this intriguing combination of malt liquor and hops with a hint of wood and chocolate. 

Gin & Tonic: An iconic cocktail highlighted by sparkling and effervescent citrus notes of neroli and lemon garnished with a slice of lime. 

Manhattan: Cheers with old friends to the scent of musk, patchouli and oak wrapped in the warmth of vanilla and a hint of intoxicating bourbon. 

Mint Julep: A Kentucky favorite with notes of bourbon, sweet cane sugar and refreshing mint leaves. 

Sweet Tea Vodka: A sweet Southern classic of fresh brewed tea, brown sugar and vanilla vodka topped with iced orange blossom. 

Yes please to all of them right?!

Wanna know something else totally amazing about these candles? Each of them features a removable label with a cocktail recipe inspired by the fragrance.
Oh no that could only lead to trouble for me and Sarah…. 😉

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