Colonial Candle Spring Collection

Oh how we do very much love Colonial Candle; ever since we were lucky to get to try some treats from The Collection we’re just a bit obsessed.

You know how you get excited when a new season of your favourite TV show is about to start or when your favourite designer launches some new shoes or whatever, well that’s what we’re like when we find out that our favourite candle folks are launching new scents and treats. It’s gets all very loud and “OMG” here at V&L.

Colonial Candle have six bright and cheerful new fragrances that will add a little sunshine to your everyday.

Brazilian LycheeAn exotic combination of juicy rambutan, wild passion fruit and lychee.

Clementine CupcakeA yummy citrus treat of rich cake batter and clementine slices, topped off with a dollop of sweet frosting. (Seriously yum yum yum!)

Lemongrass & CilantroA refreshing scent of lemon, mixed with armoise and sparkling bergamot.

Daffodils & DaisiesA bright and cheerful blend of airy greens, citrus and blooming jasmine.

Leeward LagoonA serene and tropical mixture of water lily, flowering tonka and pink grapefruit with a splash of coconut water. 

Water LilyA simple delight of dew-covered greens, fresh jasmine and soft cedar.

Oh how we need them all!

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