Witch City Wicks Christmas Range Review

We’ve been a bit obsessed with Witch City Wicks for a long time now so it was such a nice surprise to wake up a couple days ago to a delivery of lots of lovely candles and treats all the way from Salem, Massachusetts.

Words can’t express how personally excited I am to be working with Witch City Wicks, I’ve always had a love for all things spooky and witchy and dream of one day visiting Salem, and bringing back suitcases and suitcases filled with amazing candles and tarts.

We’ll have a few reviews coming, because we got so many goodies but first up let us tell you about their amazing Holiday range.

We were sent some lovely tealights and lots of votives to review…


The Holiday Votive Sampler is just fabulous, it’d make an amazing gift for anyone this Christmas.
It has six holiday scented votives and each candle is labeled and shrink wrapped to maintain each candle’s unique fragrance. (It’s the little things….)

The scents included are:

Blue Spruce “A strong pine scent that’s reminiscent of a winter walk in the woods.” Normally we stay well clear of pine scented things, not massive fans of them but there is just something so lovely and fresh about Blue Spruce, think it’s converted us, plus the colour is gorgeous.

Peppermint Bark“A mouth watering combination of dark chocolate with a punch of peppermint.” No words…. we’ve never smelled anything quite so amazing. I would’ve never really gone out of my way to buy mint scented candles, but I’m officially hooked. This is creamy, chocolatey, minty, fresh and just heavenly. Another candle we worked hard not to eat…


Amaretto Egg Nog“This creamy eggnog is a holiday warmer of sweet almond and vanilla.” You had us at Amaretto. This is just a lovely boozey, nutty, vanilla candle and we’re obsessed with it’s yumminess.

Merry Mistletoe“A blend of citrus, blue spruce, and frosted cranberries create this perfect holiday scent!” You can really smell the cranberry and citrus notes in this candle and you know how we love citrus scents. It reminds us of home on a Christmas day.

Sugar Cookie“Fresh baked, buttery cookies right from the oven.” No better way to describe it than that, and honestly the best sugar cookie candle we’ve ever tried!

Cranberry Balsam – “Get into the spirit with wonderful blend of cranberry with fresh greenery of balsam fir.” This candle smells insanely good, the only way we can describe it is, imagine decorating your real Christmas tree with fresh cranberries, sounds so good right?!

We love votives here at V&L, cause then we can try new ones faster. These votives burned amazingly well in our little holders and the scent off them was unreal.

We also got to try some Gingerbread Tealights….mmmmm gingerbread, so freakin good.

“Warm vanilla and spices for a fresh-from-the-oven gingerbread cookie scent.”

I always say never underestimate the fabulousness of a simple tealight; I honestly don’t think people realise how good a well made highly fragranced tealight can be. Witch City Wicks proved that I’m right once again, with their amazing little hunks of wax greatness.


These tealights are jammed with fragrance and as soon as you light them you can smell them everywhere, actually you can smell them even before you light them!

The gingerbread scent is so good, another candle we wanted to eat! It’s like spicy and creamy with hints of vanilla, just so yummy.

Get your orders in now to ensure delivery for Christmas, oh and Witch City Wicks are offering free shipping too. Seriously get some and then you can thank us (and them) because everyone will love their presents and your home will smell amazing!

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