It’s a Milk and Cookie Christmas!

The Milk and Cookie Candle Company have some amazing goodies and candles out for Christmas. Seriously we just love them and their amazing Eco-friendly and fabulous candles and wax melts.

These would make amazing Christmas presents for yourself or for a loved one.

Butter Rum Raisin – Buttery top notes, sweet vanilla cream, plump, ripe raisins blended with spiced maple, brown sugar and dark rum.

Christmas Spirit – This scent embodies the spirit of Christmas. Notes of apples, balsam, oak, fir and pine on a bed of cinnamon and clove.

Cookies for Santa – Just like fresh baked sugar cookies.. 

Cozy Christmas Cabin – Comforting aromas of a warm country cabin on Christmas…Fresh baked Christmas cookies, pine and peppermint candy canes.

Cranberry Happiness – Perfectly tart and sweet. 

Egg Nog – The classic scent of Christmas Egg Nog.

Frosty Snowflakes – Peppermint candy canes, vanilla and frost. 

Gingerbread Cookies – Smells like fresh baked gingerbread men…spicy and sweet!

Gingerbread Latte – Wonderful notes of gingerbread, wrapped, in a latte, with hints of espresso and vanilla.

Grandma’s Old Fashioned Apple Pie – Cinnamon, apples, spices and crust..with hits of fresh macintosh.

Holly Jolly Christmas – A truly Grinchy scent of Hollyberry, Evergreen, and Mountain Laurel, sugar plums, a touch of cinnamon and clove..and more.

Oh Christmas Tree – A truly wonderful, fresh outdoors scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree. 

Pumpkin Latte – Latte scent with notes of spicy pumpkin pie..and dark vanilla essential oils. 

Pumpkin Pie – Yummy pumpkin pie, with all the spice, and buttery crust.

Santa’s Pipe – Smoky tobacco leaf with a touch of sweet honey with background notes of leather, cedar wood, cherry wood and vanilla bean. 

Sugar Plum Fairy – Whimsical and sweet; sugared plums and clove, with dash of cinnamon and vanilla.

White Cranberry and Cedar – Wonderful notes of fragrant rich cedar and fresh cranberries.

Nothing will make your home feel more festive and warm than having a comforting and yummy candle burning away while your tucked up inside.

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