A Colonial Christmas

When we here the name Colonial Candle it makes us imagine ourselves in a wood cabin somewhere snowy with a blazing fire and lots of blankets and comforting stuff; like the perfect winter/Christmas scene.

The only thing that could make that scene more perfect would be lots of festive inspired candles…

Balsam Wreath – A Holiday pine that radiates with a mix of iced douglas fur, spruce, and rich balsam.

Holiday Sparkle – A Christmas favourite…a memorable scent of soft pine and warming patchouli

Joyful Noel – Let the holiday spirit fill the air with sparkling green freshness and a hint of lavender.

Sparkling Snowflake – An irresistibly refreshing fragrance of smooth white chocolate and the frosted joy of sweet peppermint.

Crimson Festival – Crushed cinnamon stick and ground nutmeg dazzle with a hint of crisp apple and roasted chestnut.

Emerald Fir – A festive swirl of ground cinnamon, peppered clove and darkened maple.

Scarlet Amaryllis – Feel the magical enchantment of winter with the combination of bergamot flower, iced raspberry, and citron zest.

Sparkle – Shimmer in luxury with a blend of ultra soft velvet, silk, and glistening silver.

Winter Woods – Stroll through the woods, boots crunching in the snow, and the air filled with the scent of pine trees. 

We’re getting so excited about Christmas and we hope you are too! x

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