The Milk & Cookie Candle Company Melting Cubes Review

The Milk & Cookie Candle Company make some seriously yummy candles and are dedicated to being Eco-friendly.

Their candles are highly scented; they hand blend their fragrances and use the maximum amount of premium essential and fragrance oils possible in candle making.
They are creatively inspired by and love making super scrumptious flavors like Caramel Apple, Key Lime Pie, Cotton Candy and even Maple Bacon!

The Milk & Cookie Candle Company were so lovely to send us a bunch of treats to review…

First up lots of delicious, so surprised I haven’t eaten them, eco soy wax melting cubes.

Pumpkin Latte Wax MeltsPumpkin Latte – If you’re loving your Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks then you’ll love love LOVE this one. When you first smell it you get a sort of pumpkin pie scent but then the coffee hits you! It’s yum.

Donut Shop Wax MeltsDonut Shop – Smells exactly like it’s name, and even has sprinkles on top! Makes me want to go out and buy ALL the donuts, like everywhere.

Trick or Treat Wax MeltsTrick or Treat – This is a combination of tart apples, caramel apple and candy corn. Designed for Fall/Halloween but I’d have it going all year long. It’s sweet but you can really get a hit of the fresh apple scent.

Fresh Baked Bread Wax MeltsFresh Baked Bread – You HAVE to get this one, it’s insane! Smells like crusty white bread straight out of the oven. It’s not sweet which I love. Will most definitely be buying this scent again when my tarts run out.

Maple Bacon Wax MeltsMaple Bacon – Don’t be scared, it’s really good!
For years I’ve always said someone should make maple bacon perfume or candles, it’s one of my most favourite smells ever, and maple bacon is the top reason why I’m like a half ass vegetarian. So I was over the moon when the Milk & Cookie Candle Company sent me Maple Bacon wax melts, I thought I was dreaming. πŸ™‚
Instead of it smelling pork-y (lol) it’s like a maple syrup smokey woody sort of scent, it’s really awesome, I’m amazed.

Over all I’m so impressed with the Milk and Cookie Candle Company; Trisha (the real brains behind the whole thing) is such a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with.

I love that they’re Eco friendly, even using recycled paper and packaging when sending out their products.
The melts give of such a long lasting scent and the packaging is just too cute, with the funky labels and the pretty hand tied bows, and how can you not love anything with sprinkles!

With a lot of unique scents (and lots of new ones for Christmas) I can’t wait to try more wonderful creations from the Milk and Cookie Candle Company.

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2 thoughts on “The Milk & Cookie Candle Company Melting Cubes Review

  1. Thanks so much again for taking the time you did, to do our review! We so appreciate, all your hard work, and your Awesome Love for Candles and Candle inspired treats!! Thank You from Us, at The Milk & Cookie Candle Company, for your tireless work, and appreciation for the Artisans of Candle Making!! You are Awesome!
    All the Best!
    Trish πŸ™‚

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