R. Nichols Candles

Have you seen these candles before? They’re too cute.
They were recently on Oprah’s (all hale Oprah!) Favourite Things of 2012 list. 

These charming candles are made by R.Nichols an illustrator who’s mission is to “create joy, if only in small ways.” Well Mr.Nichols pretty candles definitely bring me joy.R.Nichols-Candles

From Left-Right:

BAKE – The delicious scent of warm vanilla cake, golden and brown (with just a hint of coconut).  
BREATHE – The AHHHHHH scent of relaxing in a field of French lavender. 
COAST – The scent of ocean salt air, eucalyptus groves and mountain sage. It’s heavenly. 
CRUISE – The pure scent of orange blossoms in the breeze. 
GLOW – The warm scent of burning embers & crackling fire. Instant mountain cabin.
GROW – The fresh verdant scent of a tomato plant. A perfect gift for the gardening enthusiast.
MOW – The clean crisp scent of freshly cut grass. 
SNIFF – The warm rich scent of leather and woods. 
SPARKLE – The quintessential scent of a Christmas tree lot – fresh and green. An instant classic.

All candles are a premium paraffin and soy wax blend and burn for about 60 hours.

4 thoughts on “R. Nichols Candles

    1. LOL your comments made me smile. I always want everything on her lists. I have the brownie and lasagne pans from like two years ago that make the crispy edges!! Have to have them in case Oprah comes over for dinner! 😉

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