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A little while back I went to IKEA to pick up some cushion covers and just a few bits and pieces, they didn’t have anything that I wanted in stock (even though the website said otherwise) so I decided I’d check out their candle section.

I was excited because they’re wicked cheap and I had had some purple pillar candles from IKEA before that burned nicely and smelled pretty good, so why not splurge a bit.

Well I’m thankful that I only spent about twenty bucks on candles because let me tell you now, I won’t be buying candles from IKEA again.

I always promised to give honest reviews and boy oh boy am I going to be honest.

My haul…

SPINNA Unscented Heart Candles (3-Pack €4) – Well dumbass here, didn’t realise that these had plastic on them so my first one burned quite a bit with plastic film on it, think I got high on the fumes LOL. It burned a hole straight down the centre but I thought that was because of the plastic film, I was wrong, same thing happened on the second one and on the third one.  
1/10 (That one point is only for cuteness.)

TINDRA Large Vanilla Tealights (12-Pack €4.50) – These smelled really good in the pack like a really creamy vanilla, sadly not so much when they were burning.
I trimmed the wick (like the packaging suggests) but when it burned there was tonnes of wax left over. I didn’t trim the wick on the rest of them and they burned better but there was still some wax left.
Wouldn’t get them again but they did the job for just wanting a candle burning in the evening for like pretty atmosphere-ness.  

GLANSIG Lilac Tealight Holder (€1.50) – My favourite of my purchases. Such a bargain and so pretty.
These are made to hold small and large tealights. Would buy one in each colour, but will be getting my tealights elsewhere.  

GLITTRAR Scented Candle in Glass in Blue-Grey and Lilac (€2.50 each) – Cute candles, love the holders and will definitely reuse them. They say scented and there was a slight scent off them in the shop but none when they were burning.
Buy them if you want a cute tealight or votive holder, other than that just leave them there.  

FLORERA FIN Unscented Block Candles in Blue-Grey and Lilac (€1.95 each) – I got these purely for decoration, you know candles that look good but you don’t burn them (please tell me I’m not the only one who does that…)
They were definitely unscented when I picked them up in IKEA but now not so much. Now I know that if/when I do burn them that they’ll smell like crappy wax or burning plastic.
Don’t buy them, even if you’re a crazy candle freak like me, there are better things you can spend a few bucks on.  

TINDRA Scented Candle in Glass (€1.65) – I opted for the tropical fruit one. This was the first candle of my haul that I burned and even though smelled nice in the shop, by the time I got home there was no scent at all.
I don’t know what wax they use in all their candles but it’s crap; the wax was rock solid and wouldn’t melt like at all so it just burned a narrow hole all the way down the centre. I didn’t even bother cleaning out the glass holder, I just threw it out.  

TINDRA LJUV Scented Candles in Glass (3 Pack – €5.00) – I was the most excited about these candles and the most let down by them too.
Based on the images on the packages the scents were, I think, Vanilla Pudding or Panna Cotta, Chocolate Cake and like Cinnamon Strudel, and they smelled like that in IKEA but not when I burned them. In fact the chocolate one smelled like, and please excuse my language here, burnt ass. So so soooo disappointed with these, I had such high hopes for them. They burnt just as bad as the tropical fruity candle, if not worse.

So basically IKEA candles suck, like a whole lot. Their candle holders are cute, if I’m in search of more cute candle holders I might go to IKEA but definitely won’t buy candles from them again.

3 thoughts on “IKEA Haul Review

  1. I just bought 2 beautiful green candles from IKEA last night. The scent in the room was pure chemical which affected my taste buds and I could not sleep. I have left the candles outside the house and I will not use it for inside the house any longer.

    1. Yeah, we’re not really big fans of IKEA candles. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Did you contact IKEA and tell them? – Sam

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