Busy Bee Candles Wax Melts Review

When I first joined twitter (with my own personal twitter account) I came across Busy Bee Candles and they were one of the first companies I followed in my first few months, I soon unfollowed. They seemed to attach themselves onto the #BBC hashtag, of course it is their initials but I found it a bit too “big corporation” and although the twitter account seemed nice enough it riled me. Not the greatest start I’ll admit.

Only recently did I think about them again and decided it was time to make an order. I chose not to order from the site as I didn’t want a lot and the postage was a bit excessive for a first small try. So I ordered some items of theirs through ebay instead. Just like Sam mentioned I’ve found myself going more into buying tarts as I’m constantly changing my mind about the scents I have and this way I can change quicker without having candles pots everywhere! I ordered two wax tarts, Christmas Cookie and Black Cherry. Two of my fave scents, Christmas Cookie is one of my favourite Christmas scents and I absolutely ADORE purple so I’ll always give purple scents a go. Plus who doesn’t like a fruity scent?


As you can see the Christmas Cookie was broken, no major issue apart from if this had been for a gift and of course for taking the photo! They were bubble wrapped really well and also put in a jiffy bag too so were perfectly secure. There is a quote from Theo Paphitis (Dragon’s Den) on the website saying “Busy Bee Candles better then Yankee” which as a major Yankee lover was quite the recommendation.

I went with Christmas Cookie first as I was browsing online for Christmas gifts and popped it in my burner. The scent came out pretty strong for the first 30 minutes or so and then I thought I’d just got used to it as didn’t smell it any more. Then my husband came home and he said “I thought you got candles today?” and I quickly said “Yeah, there’s one on now!” and then he simply said “Can’t smell it!” Oh! He is always moaning at my candles and this one avoided the moans but it seemed to fade off pretty quickly and I did give it as long a burn as I would a Yankee but it didn’t seem strong enough. The Black Cherry one had to be better. I waited until the next day and popped Black Cherry in, this lasted longer but still not as long as others. It wasn’t as strong smelling as I had expected either and this was why I had picked it.

Overall I wasn’t impressed by my Busy Bee Candles purchases, maybe I’d selected the wrong scents as I have seen a lot of people mentioning loving the fruit cake scent which I’m pretty sure I’d love. I might go back and have another shop but it’s not on my priorities for now which is a shame as I’ve seen they are very popular. I can’t help but think they are popular because Yankee don’t always get their scents over here. Sometimes it’s months before we see some scents that have been in the US for ages.

Has anyone tried them before and what scents should I try if I want to do another order?

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