Emma’s Eco Soy Candles Review

It was pure fate that brought Emma’s candles to me, I won’t bore you with the details but I will tell you about these Irish handmade candles and melts.

Emma Jane McGuire started making her own candles, because she was a candle nut like us, but a lot of candles and scents gave her headaches. She wanted to make some of the finest candles out there, with only the best ingredients.

Her Eco soy candles are all handmade in Ardee, Co.Louth, Ireland; with the finest quality soy wax and essential oils.

Emma was kind enough to send me some treats to try out and review.

First up a few wax tarts. I’ve yet to find a tart I don’t like and I have nothing bad to say about these.

Emma's Eco Soy Candles Wax Tarts

Lemongrass: Imagine the most lemony of lemon scents and that’s what this was like; really fresh. This would be a good substitute for citronella in the summer time.
Spring Romance: This one has Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang in it, I was nervous about the lavender because it gives me wicked headaches but I couldn’t really get any lavender off of it, which wasn’t a bad thing for me. This is just a nice floral feminine scent.
Orange & Palmarosa: A sweet orange scent, my favourite out of all three.

My next treat was a pretty little tin candle, in the lemongrass scent again.

Emma’s Eco Soy Candles

Emma’s Eco Soy Candles Review

This candle burned amazingly well as you can see and had a great strong smell off of it.

Towards the end of it I did go to trim the wick so it would last that big longer and the wick came out, but luckily it just fell back into place and I kept on burning it. I think I may have tugged a bit to hard with my wick trimmers…

Overall I liked Emma’s candles and tarts and liked that they were handmade with such love and great fragrances and that the packaging was Eco friendly (yay for green-ness!)

Check out Emma’s Eco-Soy Candles on Facebook, HERE.

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