Walsh & Baker Chocolate Fudge Cake Candle Review

Another review of the candles from my recent Poundland trip and these are pure lush! Walsh & Baker Chocolate Fudge Cake CandleLove these. Two candles for a £1 so yep folks that’s one candle for 50p and these are chocolate fudge ones. Nom nom nom!

These pots smell like chocolate fudge cake gooeyness. You know the cakes that make you put on about 10lbs by just looking at them well this smell is all that in a candle and YOU CANNOT EAT IT! Possibly the most frustrating candle I’ve had in a long time, I did treat myself to an Walsh & Baker Chocolate Fudge Cake Candlesapple pie instead. It sort of helped with my craving for rich chocolate cake. Sort of.

They are cute little pots and like the M&M candles review that I did, you can reuse the little pots for other candles. See these just get better and better.

The main issue with these is you’ll be hungry until about an hour after you’ve blown out the wick. The smell is so intense and it lingers. There are other scents in this collection but I’ll need to get some low calorie snacks in!

One thought on “Walsh & Baker Chocolate Fudge Cake Candle Review

  1. I got addicted to the cookie and cream ones, unfortunately , can t find them anymore in poundlands and they are £2.99 on ebay not £ 1.00 🙁

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