Oscar&Bromley Chocolate Chip Cookie Wax Melts Review

In my favourite little random gift shop that sells quite literally EVERYTHING I found a jar filled with Oscar&Bromley Chocolate Chip Cookie Wax Melts…I was sold at chocolate. I bought two just to try them out.

Oscar&Bromley Chocolate Chip Cookie Wax Melts

I’d never heard of Oscar&Bromley until then but after a quick Google search I found that they sold candles and pretty smelly things, sadly my favourite little gift shop only had those wax melts. I really liked them and would happily buy more of their products.

Oscar&Bromley Chocolate Chip Cookie Wax Melt Review

They weren’t thick and chunky like most wax melts that I buy but the scent was unreal; a friend came over to visit and walked in the door going “awh yeah! Whatcha baking?!” She was so excited thinking I was making cakes or cookies or something only to be highly disappointed when she found out that it was just a wax melt burOscar&Bromley Chocolate Chip Cookie Wax Meltning away. I’ll have to make some cookies now.

I especially loved how the wax melt were easily breakable, not a major thing but it was a nice touch; that’s just a heads up for other wax tart/melt making people out there.

I give my lovely random smelly find nine out of ten; I took off one mark because I really don’t have to the time to go baking cookies now…uhhhhh.

Who wants cookies?

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