M&M Milk Chocolate and Tarty Pear Candles Review

I don’t think I’ve ever written the word ‘tarty’ in a blog title before…

Anyway on a recent trip to Poundland and I got heaps of bargains, and amongst my M&M Milk Chocolate and Tarty Pear Candleslittle haul I also got these two lovely candles which are up first to be reviewed.

Both of these were a pound (doh!) and I’ve seen on eBay and on Amazon that they sell for about £5 on both of those sites. See? Bargain.

M&M Milk Chocolate CandleThey are both really fragranced but they are not overly sweet. In fact the chocolate one even managed to get himself asking “What is that one? Is it chocolate?”


I think he then took more interest because I said they were M&M candles…

Both of these are good quality, fragranced candles and for the novelty value alone as I know lots of people who love the M&M chocolates these are a great gift.

I’ve since been back and bought a load which might not make it for gifts…

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