Cleaning Out Candle Jars

There are so many ways out there to clean out old candle jars so that you can reuse them; I’ve tried a lot of them and a lot of them DON’T work.

I kinda think I invented this way (we’ll call it the Samantha Method) to clean out old candle jars because some of them are just so pretty and would be great to reuse, it just seemed like a bit of a waste just throwing them out.

Ok so when you’ve gotten as much use out of your candle as you’ve possibly can, boil some water and fill your jar up. If you’re worried about the glass shattering pop a piece of cutlery in as well.

Cleaning Out Candle Jars Cleaning Out Candle Jars

You’ll notice that the wax will start to melt from the hot water and float to the top, it looks pretty neat actually.

Leave your jar to cool down a bit so that the wax is sort of hard and the water is only warm. Scoop out the wax with like a spoon or whatever. If you dry it off you can use this in a tart burner/warmer, waste not want not.

After you empty out the water you’ll probably notice that you have a few specs of wax left on the jar, they’ll wipe away quite easily.

Now this is my favourite part, just pick out the wick holder from the bottom, peel off the label and pop your empty jar in the dishwasher, it’ll come out all clean and shiny and ready to reuse.

For those of you without dishwashers, soap, hot water, a sponge and some elbow grease will do the job.

Pretty simple eh?

Here’s just a couple of candle jars that I’ve cleaned out and reused, they’re also great for makeup brushes and like cotton balls.




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