(Heatons) Cupcake Cafe Candles Review

I popped into Heatons yesterday just for a look around, but with me and with any shop, a look around isn’t just a look around and I always end up buying something or lots of things.

I was immediately drawn to the home section with a pretty good selection of candles. I found these cute little candles for only €2 each.

Heatons Cupcake Cafe CandlesThey had lots of different scents and I nearly bought all of them but I decided just to get Fresh Blueberry, Lemon Drop and Sugared Raspberry (which smelled exactly like Black Forest Gateau) I thought they were so cute as they came in little miniature Mason jars.

Heatons Cupcake Cafe CandlesSee so cute?

But sadly I was not at all impressed with my candles.

I got home and trimmed the long wick of the Lemon Drop candle and lit it and it was if the wick burned away faster then the wax melted, so after like an hour maybe two there was no wick left (weird right?)

I thought I might’ve trimmed the wick too short which can happen so I lit the Fresh Blueberry one without trimming the wick and the same thing happened again, the wick just disappeared, burnt away. So I was left with lots of wax and no wicks. I’ve bought and burnt many a candle in my day, I know what to do and what not to do, and this has never happened to me before.

I had high hopes for these candles especially with the cute jars and the little wax sprinkles on the top of them but I guess you get what you pay for. 🙁

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