Copenhagen Candles Reed Diffuser Review

I was gifted a lovely Copenhagen Candle Company Fig and Herb Reed Diffuser today. I had never heard of Copenhagen Candles until today so it was a lovely surprise.

“Copenhagen Candles is proud to showcase our range of stylish and desirable products, with over 40 different fragrances between them. We pride ourselves on using natural, sustainable ingredients wherever possible, but always use only the purest waxes (including blends of natural waxes from sustainable sources) and the finest custom-blended French fragrances, many of which include natural essential oils.”

I love how instead of just the normal “sticks” you get with a reed diffuser you get a few Copenhagan Candle Company Reed Diffuserones with flowers on the top I think that is such a lovely touch.

I wrote about a previous experience with reed diffusers here, but this one looked quite fancy so I wasn’t worried too much about it being, well, crappy.

I was so impressed by the scent, fig and herb is such a unique combination I’d never have thought to combine them, but they work so well together.

The packaging on the reed diffuser was lovely and quite simple but I did find it a difficult to take out of the box, that could be their fault or it could be just me and lack of caffeine.

I’ve had mine all set up for a couple of hours now and I have to say I’m pretty impressed it’s not a sicky sweet scent, it’s not over powering and it’s doing what it’s meant to do.

Now I really want to try some of the Copenhagen Candle Companies candles!

One thought on “Copenhagen Candles Reed Diffuser Review

  1. Hi There,
    Just wondering about the Copenhagen Candle here… how is the scent of it?what else have you tried from this range of items? 🙂
    I am new to the brand here.. I usually buy Yankee candles.. I like the black coconut.
    And I like the vanilla caramel ( Tahaa) from glasshouse.
    Thanks for your input..

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