Calico Creations Wax Melts Review

Yesterday was like Christmas here at Vanilla and Lime, a GINORMOUS package arrived for us from our friends at Calico Creations.

They sent us some fabulous candles and enough wax melts to last us a long long time.

Honestly we were amazed at all the different wax melts scents, like Buttered Popcorn, Fireplace, Mexican Fried Ice Cream and Butt Naked, we were most intrigued by that one and right now it’s probably one of our favourites, I couldn’t tell you exactly what it smells like but it smells gorgeous, a real fresh scent.

The scents and quality of the wax melts has blown us away, and we can’t recommend them enough. Each tart scent comes in a clam shell pack of six cubes and they’re such a bargain at only $2!

They have a huge list of scents to choose from and we went through the Sophie’s Choice-esque task of picking our favourites so that you wouldn’t have to choose, seriously get one of each of these:

Calico Creations offer free shipping within the US, if you’re an international customer and send them an email @ they’ll look after you.

PS. Ladies, you know when a gorgeous man walks by you and you breathe in the smell of his muscles, cologne and manliness? Well that’s what “Dude” smells like, it made us weak in the knees. We imagine it’s what Michael Fassbender smells like.

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