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When two girls spend most of their days dealing with work, babies and boys they rarely get much time for themselves, not that they complain(too much). So it’s the little things that make them happy, like relaxing with a cup of tea and lighting the wick on a brand new candle or when they read about new candles being launched.

Sure they get excited about shoes and throw cushions like most girls, but candles are a whole different story with Sarah and Sam.

They both have stashes of wax tarts and have great discussions about which ones are nicer and about mixing different scents together.

They even talk in code about which candles they’ve bought and will buy so as not to get “the look” from the men in their lives who have to live with the addiction, and who usually have to foot the bill for the candle splurges.

They have it pretty good though; an actual serious problem to Sarah or Sam is when their clicky things run out of fuel or when a company discontinues one of their many favourite candles; tears have actually been shed.

They know everything about candles; what to do with them and what not to do, they know millions of tips and tricks and where to go to get the best deals.

That’s why they started Vanilla&Lime, so they can share all of their borderline pyromaniac wisdom and knowledge with you, along with some reviews, product features, tips, tricks, giveaways and general chit chat about pretty things.

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